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2017 Season
Sept. 9, 2017 - Nov. 5, 2017

What’s Happening Now at Mike’s Maze?

We open for the season on September 9th! Check out our 2017 Maze “Greetings From Earth, the Pale Blue Dot”

Prepping for the Fall Season

Throughout the Winter months, the team at Mike’s Maze is busy gathering ideas and designing the maze.

As Spring in New England brings warmer weather, we are busy working on planting the field at the home of Mike’s Maze for our “corn canvas” to cut the new design.

Wondering what we do all Summer? Maze technicians are currently hard at work on top secret projects for this year’s maze.

As the cooler temperatures begin to settle on the Connecticut River Valley, we’re busy getting everything ready for your visit. We hope to see you at the maze this Fall!


What our visitors are saying
The kids had a fantastic time and the teachers cherish opportunities like this when we can spend time with our students in a more relaxed and fun way than what happens in school.  Thank you also for the pumpkins!
Amherst Regional Middle School