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Past Mazes

Check out our past mazes! Click on each maze image for an insider’s look at the creative minds behind 16 years of Mike’s Mazes!

Past Mazes

. We look forward to seeing you next year!


The creative team of David & Jess Wissemann will be spending the next few months brainstorming, visioning and masterminding the 2019 Maze. Check back in August when we’ll reveal what’s in store for our 2019 Season!


What our visitors are saying
The kids had a fantastic time and the teachers cherish opportunities like this when we can spend time with our students in a more relaxed and fun way than what happens in school.  Thank you also for the pumpkins!
Amherst Regional Middle School
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Please no Pets or Outside Food
For the safety and comfort of all our guests. No pets are allowed. Except for our special Dog Walker's Weekend. No outside food, except by special arrangement for private groups. Our Corn Cafe has a wide assortment of food, snacks, and beverages available for purchase.