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Special Events

Each year we host several special event weekends, and festivals. Stay tuned for the dates for our 2017 season events!

GCC Day – October 29, 2016

gcc-logo-green1Come visit on GCC Day! The GCC Foundation will be staffing the stations hidden within the fabulous “See America” corn maze and giving out candy to maze-goers. Your visit to maze on Saturday, October 29 with your family will help raise money for GCC students! Mike’s Maze will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Greenfield Community College Foundation.

CISA Day – October 2, 2016

MikesMaze_LocalHeroMike’s is on Warner Farm, where we harvest food from over 250 acres of wonderful land here in the Connecticut River Valley. Come out to Mike’s Maze to learn more about Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture.  Read more…

ChiliFest – September 17-18, 2016


Come to Chilifest! for a full weekend celebrating all things spicy! Come on down to the farm for a chili cook-off and hot sauce competition, spicy food and local beer, great live music and local art! Get a chili pepper tattoo or try your luck at the chili pepper eating contest. Read more…

Dog Walker’s Day – September 10 & 11, 2016

MikesMaze_Special events

Bring your canine companion to Mike’s Maze for our furry fundraiser! Learn more…

What our visitors are saying
Went there with my two year old. Went on the wagon ride, played in the corn pool, played with the sheep, and picked out his and daddys pumpkins! Staff were so nice!!!  
Brandy L. via Facebook