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School Tours

At Mike’s Maze, we are proud of our farm and our community. We offer school tours as a wonderful field trip experience. We provide teachers the opportunity to have an outing to fit their desires for education and needs for their students, regardless of age.

mikesmaze2016_schoolgroupUpon arrival, all schools will be greeted by a Maze Master. An overview of the maze will be given to give everyone to learn about the maze and its games. At Mike’s Maze, we work hard to include games that both educate and create fun.

The maze provides the opportunity for lots of interaction between students. Traversing the paths within the maze not only provides the opportunity for learning language arts, math, social studies, and science, there’s a wonderful outdoor physical activity component.

Following successful completion of the maze trivia games, each student will have knowledge that can be brought back to the classroom for discussion in many areas of the curriculum. And just for fun, each student receives a small pumpkin as well.

School Tour Details

School Tours are $9 per student.
One chaperone for every 5 students is free!

School Tours are booked on Tuesdays through Fridays beginning at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The typical stay is about 90 mins.

To inquire about availability and book your school tour today, contact – [email protected] or call Virginia at 413-207-1561

What our visitors are saying
I just wanted to send along to you and Mike’s Maze a huge THANK YOU from the team at MassMutual, for hosting such a great event at the Maze. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves, and we all look forward to doing it again next year!
Stacy Bruso, MassMutual