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Potato Blasters

MikesMaze_PotatoBlastersPotato cannons, potato blasters…or Spudnik Blasters. No matter what you call them, they are fun! Test your aim by seeing if you can hit targets over 100 feet way. Hit the right target and you could win a prize!

The Great Potato Cannon Controversy

Back many years ago when Mike first got his potato cannons, it caused quite a stir. The word on South Main Street in Sunderland was that Mike’s Two New Potato Cannons, imported all the way from the great state of Michigan, might be too big for the peace-loving Pioneer Valley. (Some say they look exactly like the Rebel Blasters in The Empire Strikes Back — used on the ice planet Hoth to repel Imperial Stormtroopers.) Yes, they are big. Yes, they can really really fire potatoes. Yes, Mike is worried that he might look a warmonger to his neighbors.

Nothing Could be Farther From Mike’s Mind.

What is on Mike’s Mind then?

Potato Salad. What could be more peace-loving than potatoes put to good use? Chopped up while still steamy, stirred together with free-range organic mayo? With sweet onions from Dave’s CSA boxes? A little cilantro maybe, celery, salt pepper. Potato salad, we heard, was Gandhi’s favorite food.

Tater Tots. When you think of Tater Tots you think of childhood around the fire, stray tots falling in the flames. It’s ok. The dog will eat the burnt ones.

Mash Potatoes = grandma, right? And was your grandmother a warmonger? We all know the answer to that.

And so it was put to a vote at the Maze that season. The potato cannons became potato blasters and received a nifty new paint job.

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